History of Ryokosha

The history of Ryokosha begins in 1947. The late founder, Takeo Okura, who had worked at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, established a spin-out sales office for heavy industrial equipment in 1947. At first, Ryokosha sold products like generators and automobiles manufactured by heavy industrial equipment at an open-air lot. Then, in the 1950’s the founder’s brother, who worked at Nippon Kogaku (now known as Nikon), informed him that Nikon was looking for dealers for on of its new projectors, and the Company quickly became a retailer for the product. This led to the Company becoming a partner with leaders in the optical and precision measurement equipment fields.

1950 The Company is reorganized as a corporation and changes its business to that of a trading company specializing in optical equipment.
The Nagoya Sales Office is opened.
1951 Presents the Showa Emperor with the versatile Nikon projector
1957 Provides fuel rod inspection machine and coolant radiation measuring instrument to the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute for use at its Number 1 Reactor
1959 The Technology Division is established, and design and development of precision instruments begins
1960 The Mito Sales Office is opened
1964 First edition of monthly technology journal, Ryoko Technical Journal
1965 The Osaka Sales Office is opened
1968 The Ryoko Exhibition for optical measuring equipment, now known as the “Ko Techno Fair,” is held for the first time (in Japan)
1969 The Wholesale Division is spun off to establish Ryoko Shoji Co., Ltd.
1974 The Trading Division is established and import/export of precision instruments commences.
The Suwa Sales Office is opened.
1978 The Omiya Sales Office is opened
1981 The delivery center in Kamiikedai, Ota City is completed
1982 The Sendai Sales Office is opened
1991 The Shiga Sales Office is opened
1993 The Distribution Division is spun off to establish Ryoko Logitem Co., Ltd.
1996 Ryokosha Thailand Co., Ltd. is established in Thailand
1998 Headquarters are moved to Kayaba, Nihonbashi, the birthplace of Ryokosha Corporation
1999 The Sanin branch office is established
2000 The Osaka Sales Office is moved to expand its business
2001 Headquarters, the Tokyo and Kanagawa sales offices and the Sales and Technology Division are moved to Kayaba, Nihonbashi and consolidated.
Ryokosha Kyushu Co., Ltd. is established.
2002 The Tokyo and Kanagawa sales offices are integrated and the Tokyo Sales Division established.
The Tokyo Sales Office becomes Sales Department 1 and the Kanagawa Sales Office becomes Sales Department 2.
2003 The Ryokosha Kyushu Kagoshima Sales Office is established
2005 The Tokyo Sales Department 1 and Sales Department 2 are integrated to form the Tokyo Sales Division.
The Technology Support Section and Equipment Development Section are integrated to establish the Sales and Technology Headquarters.
2006 The Head Office is moved to Kachidoki, Chuo-ku
2008 Taiwan Ryokosha Co., Ltd. is established in Taiwan
2010 The Tokyo Sales Division and Omiya and Nishi-Tokyo Sales Office are integrated and the Head office sales department established
2011 Ryokosha(Vietnam)Co.,Ltd. is established in Vietnam
The Fukuoka Satellite office is established
2012 The Kanazawa Satellite office is established
The Head Office is moved to Toyosu, Koto-ku
2014 The Kumamoto Satellite office is established
2017 Shenzhen Ryokosha Trading Co.,Ltd. is established in China