Supported makers and types of the Technology and Service Division

1. Nikon

Measuring (industrial) microscopes MM-40/60, MM-11/22, UM-2/2, 10/20, etc.
Profile projectors V-12, V-12A/B, V-16E, V-20A/B, V-24B, etc.
Metallurgical microscope optiphoto 66/88/150/200, etc.
Stereoscopic microscopes SM-5/6, SMZ, etc. (cleaning and optic axis
check only)

2. Olympus

Measuring microscopes STM5-UM, STM5-LM, MTM series, etc.

3. Union

non-contact depth measurement device Hisomet, etc.

4. Topcon

Factory microscopes TUM series, TMM-130, etc.
Profile projectors PP-70, DP-60, VP-300, etc.

5. Others

Mitsutoyo projectors, factory microscopes, etc.