Reel Type AFI

Reduce inspection costs by implementing a pre-shipment final vision inspection system

System Features

  • High resolution: Solder mask inspection using high
    resolution color line CCD camera
  • Fast scanning: 70m/hour
    high speed inspection
  • High accuracy: Inspection using
    algorithms designed for minute defects
  • Multiple functions:
    Multiple cameras inspect each portion of the product

Detailed Equipment Specifications

System Handling

  • High speed handling with tension control unit
  • Anti-static electricity unit reduces buildup of foreign material
  • Punching unit with X-Y table
  • Shaft diameter: 25.4mm
  • Reel diameter: Max. 650mm
  • Tape width: 35mm, 48mm, 105mm (systems compatible with tape widths greater than 105mm under development)
  • Board thickness: Min.25um

Processing System

  • Dual camera (7.5k 8bit Color CCD or 8k 12bit B/W CCD)
  • Resolution settings: 2.4-8um/pixel (manual)
  • Dual CPU & Multi DSP image processing system
  • PC base control host
  • Continuous inspection made possible with parallel processing
  • Create inspection area with CAD Link (Option)
  • Re-check defect data with verification station


  • SIZE: 825 (L) x 1,200 (W) x 890 (H) mm

Exterior Photograph of Defect Detection Mode

Scratch Copper
Metal Pit
Metal Pit
Micro Pit
Cover Coat Defect
Lead Reduction
Pl Hole