About Us

Ryokosha’s aim is to promote closer communications
between users and manufacturers.

Ryokosha has built a strong reputation as a general trading company specializing in precision measuring equipment, precision instruments, and its advanced nanotechnologies. Extending this proud tradition, the sales staff of Ryokosha continually strives to improve its networking capabilities, working closely with the world’s leading manufacturers in order to the needs and wishes of its customers.
With this goal in mind, Ryokosha is committed to addressing the individual needs of each customer and delivering complete satisfaction by serving as a reliable coordinator, communicator, and partner, while also closely monitoring the latest trend and technologies around the world.


As a general trading company dealing in precision instruments,
Ryokosha’s mission is to gather accurate information and provide
overall assessments while facilitating close communications
between users and manufacturers.
To do so, we must first find out exactly what users want and
what problems they need to solve, by attempting to view the
world from their perspective and by listening carefully to
what they have to say. From time to time, this also means acting
as a consultant to devise the best possible solution.


Based on the latest information obtained from manufacturers,
Ryokosha responds flexibly to customer needs for products and
software development.
Sometimes, this process may involve making a suggestion for
a product not yet available on the market and developing it
in partnership with a manufacturer.
It may also mean entering into a join effort with a venture
stage enterprise in the technology field. At other times, we
use our own expertise to develop original products or systems,
which we then manufacture and offer for sale. This powerful
coordinating ability means we can respond to wider range of
customer needs and wants.


And using proven Ryokosha’s technologies, we are able to come up with al-round solutions that take into account the specific environment and operational needs of each user, while at the same time offering economies of scale that only a general trading company can provide. In partnership with leading manufacturers,
we strive to offer the very best products and services by combining the latest nanotechnologies with our own original ideas and designs.