Verify Station

Perform pinpoint inspection for after-inspection review to prevent defects from getting sent to the next process

System Features

  • High resolution: High precision positioning with precise stage movements
  • Operability: Semi-automatic movement reduces inspector material handling loss
  • Data transfer: Connect to equipment through LAN for smooth data access
  • Multiple functions: User may select between microscope inspection and monitor inspection

Detailed Equipment Specifications

System Handling

  • High precision X-Y stage (stroke amount can be adjusted according to product)
  • Manual reverse by operator
  • Input defect items using keyboard
  • Create database of number of occurrences per defect item
  • Foreign material removal stage (Option)

Processing System

  • Use of microscope or area CCD camera according to purpose (when using the CCD camera defects can be judged by the picture displayed on the monitor)
  • Monitor resolution: manual setting
  • Inspection area: Operator sets magnification manually
  • Defect items sorted within the system computer
  • Remote verification inspections possible by connecting image inspection machine to LAN
  • Lighting: Choose between white LED or fluorescentlight


  • SIZE: 825 (L) x 1,200 (W) x 890 (H) mm

Verification Monitor Illustration