Corporate Profile

Company name Ryokosha Co.,Ltd.
Head office 5-4-9 Toyosu,Koto-ku,Tokyo 135-0061,Japan
Tel +81-3-5548-0211 Fax +81-3-5548-0210
Established May 5, 1947
Capital 99.79million yen
President Naotake Ogura
Employees 103
Types of Industry General trading Company specializing in precision instruments.
Work contents Semiconductors,Optoelectronic Devices,LCD/PDP-Related Products,Original
Products,Planning/Design and Production,Precision measuring
equipment and other precision instruments.
Branch Offices Haedquarters Sales Department
Osaka Sales Office
Nagoya Sales Office
Shiga Sales Office
Suwa Sales Office
Sendai Sales Office
Sanin Satellite Office
Kanazawa Satellite Office
Fukuoka Satellite Office
Kumamoto Satellite Office
Overseas Affiliate

Ryokosha Vietnam Co.,Ltd.
Ryokosha Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Taiwan Ryokosha Co.,Ltd.
Shenzhen Ryokosha Trading Co.,Ltd.