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The Technology and Service Division provides periodic inspections of optical measuring instruments, alignment tests for the ISO9000 series, as well as on-site and pickup repairs as part of our after-sales support system.

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Measuring Microscope

Measuring Microscope

In recent years there has been particular demand for higher precision in measuring instruments to go along with more and more microfabrication, and it has become necessary for corrections to be compatible with ISO9000 standards as proof of precision.

These expenses are a heavy burden in corporate activities. In order to reduce this burden and provide our customers with the lowest prices possible, our Technology and Service Division carries out periodic inspections and ISO9000 corrections for multiple makers and has received high marks from our customers.

In particular, when the measuring instrument consists of parts from multiple makers, on-site service fees and transportation fees will only need to be paid once, making us clearly the lower priced option. (* Pricing systems differ from maker to maker)

  1. On-site and pickup repairs (depending on the circumstances repair by maker)
  2. Cleaning and regular inspections
  3. ISO9000 corrections
  4. Relocation work (including before and after corrections)
  5. Assembly and adjustments for new deliveries as well as corrections (ISO standards)

» Flow from correction request to completion of work
» Supported makers and types of the Technology and Service Division