ET4000 Series

High accuracy, high stability and high performance.
Microfigure, steps and roughness measurement for FPD, silicon wafer, hard-disk etc.


Minimum readout0.1µm ET400M ET4000A ET4000L
Max. sample size 300x300mm 210x210mm 300x400mm
Sample stage size 320x320mm 220x220mm 540x400mm
Tilting Range X ±1mm/150mm()Motorized)
Tilting Range Y ±1mm/150mm()Motorized)
Capability 2kg
Pickup Force 0.5uN~500uN(0.05mgf~50mgf)(Adjustable)
Range 100um
Sensor LVDT(Direct Motion)
Stylus ET-1479(R2um) ET-1479(R2um),ET-1480(R0.5um)
X Axis Range 100mm
Straightness 0.005um/5mm(0.1um/100mm)
Speed 0.005-2mm/s(at positioning 10mm/s)
Repeatability ±5um(Positioning)
Y Axis Range 150mm(stage) 400mm(stage)
Straightness 5um/150mm
Repeatability ±5um(Positioning)
Z Axis Range 52mm
Magnification Vertical 50~2000000
Horizontal 1~10000
3D Measurement Available(Option)
θ Axis Available(Option)
Assist function Teaching (Positioning),
Motorized Tiliting, Pitch Analysis, Pickup auto stop, Measurment/Analysis
macro, Customized print layout, Statisitics
Monitoring system Camera 1/2inch CCD (768×494 pixels)
Monitor Video Capture Board
Analysus items Microfigure, Step, Roughness, Waviness,
Repeatability 1σ0.5nm
Utility AC100V 800VA
Size W660xD580xH660mm 200kg
Main Body ETB-40M ETB-40A ETB-40L
Pickup PU-EA2
Stylus ET-1479(R2um) ET-1479 (R2um), ET-1480 (R0.5um)
Analysis secion Controller AS-3502C+AT4001P
Analysis PC:IBM Compatible Windows
Monitor:17inch CRT
Printer:Color ink-jet printer (A4)
Remote Controller RC-83 RC-85 (joy stick)
Monitoring system PSM-3, ETM-1 (Color CCD Camera with Video
Capture Board)
Calibration speciment SS-T