President’s Room

How does a company keep pace with change in a new era? This is a question I constantly ask myself. The answer is always the same: A company must maintain a global outlook and provide technologies that will help people lead better lives tomorrow, coupled with the highest quality service. Starting from this goal, every employee of Ryokosha-from those in the junior ranks to senior management-has made an all-out commitment to overcome any hurdles that may appear along the way.
At Ryokosha, we work as a team — a team dedicated to improving all aspects of our work based on a new vision grounded in the hopes and dreams of each and every employee.

Assumed responsibility for Ryokosha’s trading arm after graduating from the School of Business and Economics at Chapman University (U.S.) with a degree in business administration. Served as Managing Director before becoming President and CEO.

Naotake Ogura