HN Series title

  • NH-3MAA device for comprehensive evaluation from manufacturing to imaging performance
  • NH-3NStandard system in the NH Series combining superior functionality with high cost performance
  • NH-3SEStitching measurement technology making ƒÊm measurement of concavity of 60° or more
  • NH-3SPHigh precision version with maximum measurement precision and resolution
  • NH-4NIdeal for quality control of high density and increasingly large semiconductor products such as 8-inch wafers and lead frames
  • NH-5NMakes high-precision measurement of large, heavy-weight goods such as precision molds with portal structures
  • NH-6NDirect measurement of LCD patterns, large aspherical mirrors, etc.


This equipment has made complete non-contact, high precision, automatic measurement of shape, dimensions and surface roughness possible with a laser probe system. It provides multi-measurement functionality for a wide range of uses from R&D to quality control of the manufacturing line for photonic devices, semiconductor products, ultra-precision machining parts, etc. for which the market will demand smaller products with higher precision and lower costs.


  • Four years after first being sold, the NH-3, which has become a byword for non-contact height measurement, has evolved into the new NH-3N, implementing feedback on the functions of the high precision NH-3 SP.
  • Experience the world of ultimate non-contact measurement which features auto focus functionality that is not affected by low reflectivity and completely non-destructive measurement, at the same time pushing the edge of precision for Z, X and Y measurements.

Specifications / Measuring Functions


shape measurement (with laser probe)
  • Radius of curvature (Rc) for each lens surface, center coordinates
  • Roundness
  • Apical height, X and Y coordinates
  • Cross-sectional/3D shape measurement, surface roughness measurement
properties evaluation (with image processing)
  • Effective focal distance (fb, ff)
  • Back focus (BFL)
  • Focus position (Sx, Sy, Sz) of each lens, displacement
  • Focus spot size (Wx, Wy) of each lens
  • Transmittance
  • Focal plane imaging testing (coma aberration, distortion, etc.)

Measurement Examples

Aspheric lens coma aberration

MLA 3D shape measurement result

Measuring Functions

3D shape measurement, cross-sectional shape measurement, roughness measurement, automatic measurement, various measuring functions