SPECIFICATIONS of Laser Microscope

Main stand and stage Configuration Dedicated stand and stage
Outside dimensions 464 x 559 x 614.5 (mm)
*Not including the vibration-isolating stand
Weight 56.9kg
Maximum height of specimen 100 mm
Load capacity 10 kg
XY stage Manual: 100~10(mm)
Electric: 150~100(mm)
A specimen of 300×300 mm in size can be handled
on an additional stage.
Nosepiece 5-position BD objective type
Objectives Magnification 5x 10x 20x 50x 100x
Working distance: mm 20.0 10.1 3.1 0.33 0.35
Numerical aperture 0.15 0.3 0.46 0.95 0.95
Observation and measurement range Horizontal (H): µm 2,560 1,280 640 256 128
Vertical (V): µm 2,560 1,280 640 256 128
Magnification on monitor 100-
Optical zoom 1x – 6x
Confocal method Pinhole
Photo detector Photo multiplier
Measurement laser Light source Purple semiconductor laser
Wavelength/output 408 nm/0.9 mW (JIS Class 2)
Image import method CFO search
Step search
Image import mode Contrast Mode
Enhance Mode
Planar (XY) display resolution 1024×1024 (pixel)
Frame memory Brightness 1024x1024x12bit
Height 1024x1024x16bit
Frame rate 12Hz  
Planar (XY) measurement Minimum resolution 0.12µm
N: Constant, l: Wavelength,
N.A.: Numerical aperture
Measurement repeatability 3s(n-1)=0.03
*No limitation on object line width
Height (Z) measurement Measurement range 10mm
Minimum movement resolution 0.01µm
Minimum display resolution 0.001µm
Height scale Open control by linear scale
Measurement repeatability: µm 3s(n-1)=0.05+0.002L -> 2
mm at measurement: 3s=0.054
*Guaranteed using a full stroke
Main unit control Using a controller PC
Auto focus
Auto gain
Band scan
Image processing, 2D image processing,
and 3D image processing
Using a controller PC
Width measurement -> to be measured automatically
Bump measurement
Surface area measurement
Volume measurement
Line roughness measurement
Surface roughness measurement
Report function
2-channel display